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14.03.2014. Brass is a combined metal alloy formed with copper and zinc. Since so many years, brass has been used for industrial pneumatic fittings and accessories.

Due to the unique properties of the alloy, brass is used in plumbing and compressed air systems. Whether the requirement is for domestic or industrial purposes, brass adapters and other pneumatic fittings are widely used by the people. The malleable properties help the manufacturers to produce high quality brass pneumatic fittings and accessories in sorts of sizes and shapes.

It’s important to look after the factors on the basis of which one can select correct fitting type for a particular application. Some of the factors are:

  • Tube type requirement (Inch or Metric, metal or thermoplastic, size)
  • Air pressure needed
  • Vibration concerns
  • Fitting material type (brass, stainless steel, nickel plated, thermoplastic)
  • Requirement of thread type of fitting (pipe, metric, British pipe, straight thread)
  • FDA, DOT, or underwriters Laboratory approved

Once all these factors got covered, one can have a variety of options to select.

Using the brass fittings in a compressed air or plumbing system gives durability to the application. As brass is corrosion resistant and can withstand high temperature and pressures, it is best suited for industrial processes. It’s a non-sparkling metal that can provide safe environment in the explosive places, i.e. it can be used at the places where explosive gases are required to be piped.

Manufacturers provide various brass pneumatic fittings, couplers, hoses and adaptors. Hydraulic hoses are used for mobile and machinery. The brand decides the specs of these hoses. Onshore and offshore oil and gas companies, construction and mining operators, power generation companies are few ones that require such hoses. Unmatched hoses can adversely affect the performance of the application. Hence, it is must to have proper fitted brass hose for the application.

What range is available in the market?

Manufacturers of brass pneumatic fittings offer hydraulic fittings, threaded fittings, brass 3 way connectors, brass elbows connectors, brass adaptors, hose adaptors, and compression studs. Each product is available in different sizes and shapes and one can buy them according to his requirement.

Is it good to buy online?

Yes, if the manufacture is one of the leading supplier of brass pneumatic fittings. After all, you can’t take a risk. It is necessary to check his experience and the range of products.